Starbucks Coffee Breaks

The future of Starbucks is not in coffee, but connecting the people that meet over it. When we asked customers what first brought them to Starbucks stores, we found that they went with friends or family. Starbucks Coffee Breaks is a social discount program that encourages customers to take coffee breaks with people they know, leveraging the power of frequent customers bringing along friends, converting infrequent customers to frequent ones.

Starbucks Coffee Breaks centers around the idea that the act of getting coffee is often a communal one. People use "coffee runs" as a reason to stand up and stretch, to gossip, to meet with friends. Leveraging that power, and Starbuck's stated mission of becoming a "Third Space" between home and work, we envision a tool that incentivizes and facilitates groups of people to meet at Starbucks together.

This project was completed with classmates Pamela Jue, Shelly Ni, and Meghana Khandekar for the Strategic Innovation in Product/Service Design class in the IxD MFA program at SVA.

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