MSKCC Patient Information Experience

A cancer diagnosis is often the biggest shock of your life, and often immediately throws you into an entire new world, with it's own rules, jargon, spaces and people to learn to navigate. This summer I had the opportunity to work at the Strategic Innovation lab at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York. Along with 3 other interns, we sought to improve the new information experience for the cancer patients and caregivers. After extensive research and analysis we formulated a set of design recommendations that would help improve the way people seek and receive information. These led us to develop the experience that ensured thoughtful delivery of information which had encompassed three main information types Process, Navigation and Resources. The service model depicted the interconnectedness of the front end and back end ideas to make this experience possible, connecting it into an entire information experience from high tech to low tech solutions.

We adopted various Co-design and Participatory design methods to engage staff and patients in the design process. These helped us incorporate their perspectives as well as get better insight into their lives, ultimately presenting our findings back to the hospital through a set of clear design tactics, service models, and narratives.

Learnings: Co-creation design methods and workshop facilitation

Team: Priyanka Marawar, Jonathan Kalinowski, Beth Wernet, Deborah Koo along with the Design Innovation Group

New Information experience for cancer patients from priyanka marawar on Vimeo.

Above: A user journey, presented to key hospital stakeholders, envisioning the ideal new information experience.








Service model and journey map illustrating the interventions with interventions required at the back end.

modified blueprint_V18



The process included co-design workshops to involve patients and staff in the development process, as well as experience prototypes to illicit feedback from patients and caregivers.

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