Komorebi Smart Shade

Komorebi means "sunbeams streaming through the leaves of trees" in Japanese.

We designed a smart shade that will simulate sunbeams in the morning, allowing each user to set their own sunrise.

We started with the question:

"How can we make the process of waking up more delightful, and more closely aligned to both people’s natural rhythms and the rhythms of nature?
Can waking up every day feel like lying under a tree on a warm summer day?"

Our Komorebi shade will react to the light as well as your body rhythms, creating a waking up experience that gives the user a moment of delight and beauty in the morning, instead of a noisy and irritating one.

This project is in partnership with Mini Kim and Joseph Weissgold for the Smart Objects class at SVA taught by Carla Diana and in partnership with the MFA Interaction Design and Products of Design Programs.

Komorebi: Set Your Sunrise from Minsun Mini Kim on Vimeo.



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